Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Monday . . . on Sunday

Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came in their mailbox during the last week.

Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.

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~ here are the new books in my house this week ~

Catacombs: A Tale of the Barque Cats
by Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Barque Cats, 2010, trade size paperback

The spacefaring Barque Cats are valued members of every vessel’s crew, thanks to their special bond with humans. Then Pshaw-Ra, a mysterious cat with highly advanced knowledge, gives the felines the power of telepathy. When panic over a virulent plague drives the government to exterminate animals, Pshaw-Ra guides the cats and humans of the starship Ranzo to safety on his home planet, Mau. But Pshaw-Ra has a hidden agenda. His ultimate goal? Mate the Barque Cats with their godlike counterparts who rule on Mau and create a superior race to conquer the universe. His plans, however, may be doomed by his daughters’ battle royal to become queen, by a suspicious Barque Cat with an equally curious human friend—and by something stirring deep beneath the city with a hunger to devour all life . . . and an undying hatred for cats.

The Christmas Cat, anthology
1996, mass market paperback

Four heartwarming tales of Christmas cheer--and cats who play Cupid!

In Julie Beard's "My True Love Gave to Me", a woman spends Christmas Eve searching for her black cat and finds a tall dark knight

Jo Beverley's "A Gift of Light" tells of a tenacious tom courting a fiery feline at Christmas, as his master and her mistress follow suit

Barbara Bretton's "Home for the Holidays" finds college sweethearts almost breaking up on Christmas Eve, but their wise old cat gets in the way.

And, Lynn Kurland's "The Gift of Christmas Past" in which a feline guardian angel has to pull his mistress back in time to a Christmas Eve long ago where she finds her own true love.

Shall I Knit You a Hat? by Kate Klise
illustrated by M. Sarah Klise
picture book, 2007, paperback

To protect his ears form the cold and snow, Mother Rabbit knits Little Rabbit a hat. He love his hat so much, he and his mother make them for all of his friends.

Knitty Kitty by David Elliott
illustrated by Christopher Denise
picture book, 2008

What is she knitting? Something to keep three kittens toasty, of course. But when those kittens get into mischief, what will keep them warm and snug? Knitty Kitty has the answer!

The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide,
translated by Eric Selland

A couple in their thirties live in a small rented cottage in a quiet part of Tokyo; they work at home, freelance copy-editing; they no longer have very much to say to one another. But one day a cat invites itself into their small kitchen. It leaves, but the next day comes again, and then again and again. Soon they are buying treats for the cat and enjoying talks about the animal and all its little ways. Life suddenly seems to have more promise for the husband and wife — the days have more light and color. The novel brims with new small joys and many moments of staggering poetic beauty, but then something happens….

Body by You: The You Are Your Own Gym Guide to Total Women's Fitness
by Mark Lauren, Joshua Clark
2013, paperback

This quick and easy program will save you time, money, and maybe your life. In less than thirty minutes, three times a week—and with no machinery or weights—you can achieve the toned arms, flatter abs, tighter buns, and killer legs you’ve always wanted. You won’t build bulk, you’ll build strength, and turn your body into a fat-burning machine.


I haven't received any review books, won any contests or received any books as a gift. I have added several to my ereader, most were even free.

added to my ereader: (kindle app, html, etc.) ~ I find out about free/discounted ebooks at amazon mostly from Pixel of Ink. I do go through the Top 100 at amazon once in a while. I'm getting better at pinning my new ebooks, 2014's books

What are you Reading?

A weekly Monday meme hosted by Shelia at Book Journey. Post what you read last week and what you're planning to read this week then link to Shelia's post. Then visit others and be prepared to add to your TBR pile!

Dominate Me by Jambrea Jo Jones (very short)
Feel Me by Jambrea Jo Jones (very short)
Ride Me by Jambrea Jo Jones (very short)
Remove the Empty Spaces by T. A. Chase
Close the Distance by T. A. Chase
The Perfect Balance by Trina Lane
The Perfect Union by Trina Lane
His Perfect Partner by Trina Lane
A Pint Light by Devon Rhodes (very short)
Through the Red Door by Devon Rhodes
Locke, Stock and Barrel by Devon Rhodes
Capturing Perfection by Trina Lane
Simply Perfection by Trina Lane
Rory's Last Chance by Bailey Bradford
Miles to Go by Bailey Bradford
Bend by Bailey Bradford
What Matters Most by Bailey Bradford
Ex's & O's by Bailey Bradford
A Bit of Me by Bailey Bradford
Shall I Knit You a Hat? by Kate Klise
Knitty Kitty by David Elliott

Books stacked by my reading chair:
The Inn at Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber
Burning Up anthology (252/343)- returned to library, one story short of finished
The Hot Zone by Richard Preston
A Bit of You by Bailey Bradford
. . . and about 6 unread library books

Started in 2013 but not finished until 2014:
What the Duke Desires by Sabrina Jeffries (on page . . .)
Pegasus by Kate O'Hearn (on page 44/384)
Dragonwriter edited by Todd McCaffrey (on page 42/271)
Mischief and Mistletoe, anthology (on page 312/402)
Jockeys and Jewels by Bev Pettersen (ebook - 21% read in 2013)
Home for the Homicide by Jennie Bentley (on page 18/284 + Home-Renovation and Design Tips)

Happy Reading!

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for . . .

No smoothie recipe or photo, just a few of the "Q" titles I have in my library. . .

The Quick and the Thread
by Amanda Lee aka Gayle Trent (series page)
Embroidery Mystery #1

When Marcy Singer opens an embroidery specialty shop in quaint Tallulah Falls, Oregon, she throws a soiree and a Stitch-In. Soon, Marcy’s sign- up sheet for embroidery classes fills up and everyone in town seems willing to raise a glass-or a needle-to support the newly-opened Seven Year Stitch.

Then Marcy finds the shop’s previous tenant dead in the store-room, a message scratched with a tapestry needle on the wall beside him. Now Marcy’s shop has become a crime scene, and she’s the prime suspect. She’ll have to find the killer before someone puts a final stitch in her.

Quicker Than the Eye by Ray Bradbury

A magician at the height of his powers, displaying his sorcerer's skill with twenty-one remarkable stories that run the gamut from total reality to light fantastic, from high noon to long after midnight. A true master tells all, revealing the strange secret of growing young and mad; opening a Witch Door that links two intolerant centuries; joining an ancient couple in their wild assassination games; celebrating life and dreams in the unique voice that has favored him across six decades and has enchanted millions of readers the world over.

Quickstep to Murder by Ella Barrick
A Ballroom Dance Mystery #1

What if your dance partner, business partner, and fiancé was stepping out with another woman? That's exactly what happens to Stacy Graysin, who shares ownership of a ballroom dance studio with the man who broke her heart, Rafe Acosta.

But when Stacy discovers Rafe's dead body in the studio one dark night, the police suspect her of killing him. To clear her name and save her studio, Stacey teams up with Rafe's estranged cousin from Argentina, Tav, to find the real killer. And if Stacy doesn't watch her step, the killer may make this dance her last.

Quilt of Innocence
by Elizabeth Craig aka Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams/ (book page)
A Southern Quilting Mystery #1

Former art museum curator Beatrice Coleman retires to a sleepy North Carolina town and learns the art of quilting…and sleuthing. Who knew that quilting could be so dangerous?

As the newest member of the Village Quilters Guild, Beatrice has a lot of gossip to catch up on—especially with the Patchwork Cottage quilt shop about to close. It seems that Judith, the landlord everyone loves to hate, wants to raise the rent, despite being a quilter herself…

But when Judith is found dead, the harmless gossip becomes an intricate patchwork of mischievous motives. And it’s up to Beatrice’s expert eye to decipher the pattern and catch the killer, before her life gets sewn up for good.

by R.C. Ryan aka Ruth Ryan Langan (website)

As a young boy, Quinn Conway was shattered by his mother's mysterious disappearance. Today, as the oldest of the Conway brothers, his only concern is protecting his family and their ranch. One look at beautiful, strong-willed Cheyenne O'Brien tells him she's also no stranger to tragedy. A series of increasingly dangerous "accidents" are plaguing her and her land, and Quinn can't stand idly by while a woman is in danger. Fiercely independent, Cheyenne isn't one to lean on others, yet she can't deny her attraction to the rugged rancher offering help. Soon, the passion building between them proves as wild and untamed as the land she loves-and just as impossible to resist. But a relentless enemy is about to make one final devastating move. To survive, Quinn and Cheyenne must put their cherished freedom-and their hearts-at risk . . .

Quinn's Woman by Susan Mallery
(with a bonus book by Sarah Mayberry, that I don't remember the title of)

D. J. Monroe had to be at the very top of her game. It was her job and her life to teach people how to defend themselves. How could she protect others if she wasn't the best trained, the most skilled fighter? How could she protect herself? So when military expert Quinn Reynolds defeated her, she vowed to give him whatever he wanted in exchange for his instruction.

And yet he wanted the one thing D.J. wasn't prepared to give—herself. He asked too many questions. Made her feel too much. He recognized too many of her defenses. Then one by one, he broke them all down…and promised to be there to pick up the pieces.

I'm sure there are more hiding in the garage but these are the ones readily found on my shelves or in my LibraryThing database. I'm fairly certain that Piers Anthony has a couple of Q books, now I'm wondering where they are.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for . . .

Princess! Prince! Play! and Project!

I threw that last one in there because I like the picture :-)

First, Play-time!
Hula Hoop

awful picture but it was night and through the window, using only the inside light (and my iTouch)

I have no idea why he's sitting here. He spent a few minutes walking around it, then walking around inside it before sitting for several more minutes.
chase the string

Sneakers would chase me around the house if I dragged the piece of yarn behind me. I'd quit and go sit down and he'd find where I dropped it and bring it too me.

Hide-and-Seek (tall laundry basket) He won

Tired now, leave me alone
1st Princess . . . and some random stranger

Princess and a Prince

wait, this is better, right?

This may not look like "P" but I'm calling it project instead of bridge or San Francisco like I should. The picture is of the new Bay Bridge, taken from the old Bay Bridge with the Golden State Bridge in the very back.

Cool, huh?

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Purrsday and O is for . . .

is for Organization! I love the concept of a place for everything and everything in its place but am having trouble executing it. One small way for me to have some control is with my ebooks.

not my home but dang!

I will always find this to be more impressive and will never give up my print books completely. . . . . but you've got to admit that an ereader takes up a whole lot less space, lets you carry more books with you, and "hides" the covers of your guilty pleasures.
Kobo format

I currently do my ereading on an iPhone, iTouch and my laptop. I own several different formats and while I'd love a cute purple ereader, it isn't a kindle and I have too many of that format to change now!

The problem is finding what I want to read and figuring out if I own it already!

The nice thing about bookshelves is being able to see what you have. Unless you're like me and don't have enough bookshelves (or space for them). Entering, stage left. . . The Empty Folder!

Yes, spreadsheets are nice and I've tried them several times over but I've discovered that an empty folder does wonders.

1. Name a folder "ebooks A". Also the rest of the alphabet. Inside each folder are the books that start with that letter. This is the folder that has the book file inside it or another folder that says kindle or nook so I know where to find it. There will also be a folder for where I bought it (All Romance eBooks for example) and the name of the series, if it is part of one. There may be a image file of the cover inside.

2. All Romance eBooks will also have a folder along with the other places I buy ebooks. This would be named "bookshelf - All Romance eBooks" and will have empty folders named all the books I've purchased there.

3. Each series will have a folder as well, "series - Cat Who..., The", which is a huge help if I have some books in the the series that are print too. I can also have a folder for upcoming books in the series.

Yes, this is a lot of work. Yes, it takes up space on my hard drive. But remember, most of these folders are empty and doing this is way better than buying the book again! The kindle app also lets me add books to categories but only the books that are in the app or on the cloud so that leaves out a huge amount of my books.

Notice I never gave you a number of ebooks I have? Well, unless you read my N post. It was all about Numbers.

This is just one way and so far, the best way for me. Creative Home Keeper has a link-up if you'd like to see how she and others organize their ebooks. She even gives you permission to *gasp* delete. Of course, if the book was free and you're never going to read it (again) why keep it?

now. . . On to the cats!

 just a place to share the cute/funny/weird pictures I find while surfing....when I should be doing a whole range of things ;) Don't forget to head over to The True Book Addict because Michele has a meme going. With links and everything!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for . . .


I need to start by saying O is for organization, as in how I organize my ebooks. Instead of making a long post longer, I broke off before posting numbers. Then looked.

After picking up my jaw, I decided I might as well share. . .

Dang, I just had to look! Amazon has a "top 100 free ebooks" and I make use of this feature a lot! So even though there are over 7,000 books in my amazon cloud, there are more free ones then ones I paid for.


This doesn't include ebooks that aren't kindle formatted. I have a bunch that are Palm Docs as well as pdf and html.

As far as print? Did you see my L post? I have almost 3,000 books in my LibraryThing database and this doesn't include the ones on bookshelves at home or in boxes in the garage!

Yeah, I've got a few books to read.


I've looked at so many smoothie recipes this month that they're all blurring together. I threw some stuff in a blender Monday night and my son and I both liked it. Sorry, no picture.

6 oz vanilla yogurt
6 oz coconut milk (used yogurt container)
1/2 cup+ crushed pineapple
1 banana
2 scoops protein powder
lots of ice

I only used 12 cubes and it is a bit thin, not slushy like my other ones. We think it was the pineapple - it was juicy. By the amount we had in our glasses plus the two in the freezer, I'd say this made 5+ cups of smoothie.

Not sure how the freezer ones will turn out but I'm thinking because of the yogurt, it would make great pops!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Terrific Tuesday and M is for . . .


My son went on a camping trip a few years ago in the Los Angeles Mountains and these are a couple of the photographs he took.

Hosted at Bibliophile by the Sea
Every Tuesday, she'll be posting the opening paragraph (maybe two) of her current read. Why don't you join us?

Zaire, twenty years earlier

The explosion threw him forward hard, the heat searing his body, debris cutting into his back as he covered his face and stayed down. Darius didn't need to look back to know what had happened--the bridge had exploded. Simon had purposely cut off their last means of escape. It would force their hands, Darius's especially.

by Stephanie Tyler
series: Section 8

no teaser today, all my books have been very short or NSFW and I wasn't thinking of finding a teaser for you while I was reading. ;-)

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Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for . . .


You had to guess it would be, right?

I love to go through model homes and am always excited when "library" shows up on the floor plan. Too bad what designers think a library is and what I think a library is is so very different.

This is what usually shows up on a home tour. I beautiful room with bookshelves. The comfortable chair is a nice touch and adding the desk gives the room a multipurpose. And just plain looks nice.

The problem is . . . .


This is some of my print books. There are close to 3,000 books in these boxes and there are still some at home. Maybe even this many again!

See? A tame "home library" just isn't going to cut it for me. I need something along the lines of . . .

This is similar to what a local college has in the reference area of the library. You can't see the books all at once but you can get a greater number in a smaller footprint. The only walkway is between the shelves you're currently looking at. The whole bookcase moves to make a new aisle.

Not practical? How about something like this?

I go into a large model home with soaring ceilings and wonder if I could put a catwalk up there so I'd have more room for shelves.

My husband doesn't read like I do (he does have a job and other interests) so while he enjoys reading and puts up with my stash, I don't think he'd enjoy having this as a front room. ;-)

ummm. what about a building in the backyard?

What do you mean this is a library? It doesn't look like much from the outside but this would be fantastic! 

Peter Gluck designed this New York library for his wife Carol, a scholar. The lower, windowless part has room to store 10,000 books while the upper level is a work space with windows that complete slide out of the way.  

Yeah, I think a room designed to hold 10,000 books would do it for me. For now ;-)

One of these days, I'll have a library of my own to show you. I currently have two "empty" bedrooms that could be re-purposed. 

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